Forum Thread: Essential Bohemian Chic Items of 2018

Bohemian chic is definitely in fashion right now, and there are lots of different items that you will want to pick up. If you want to look your best when you go out on the town, you'll find that adding a few simple things to your wardrobe can make all the difference. The bohemian style is all the rage, but you need to know how to put together beautiful outfits before going shopping.

Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are a staple of bohemian style outfits, so you will want to get quite a few. Remember to choose skirts that compliment the rest of the clothes you plan on wearing so they are as versatile as possible. A maxi skirt combined with a graphic t-shirt is a simple but stylish outfit that you can wear casually when going out. You should also consider wearing one of these skirts with a flannel button-down shirt for a more outdoorsy look.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are another important item to have in your closet for a stylish chic wardrobe. It is improtant that you look for neutral-colored boots that aren't too garish. The last thing you want is for your boots to clash with the rest of your outfits, so pay close attention to the color. These boots go best with a loose knit sweater and some skinny jeans. The boots you wear can have a huge impact on how you look as a whole, so you don't want to get just any pair.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Cardians and sweaters also make up a crucial component of the bohemian style. These sweaters can really add something special to an outfit in the fall, spring or winter months. One of the great things about cardigans is that you can wear them for most of the year in comfort. A lacy knit cardigan goes particularly well with a short floral dress. There are lots of different combinations that you can play around with when it comes to these sweaters, so have fun with it!

Tunic Shirts

Tunic shirts are closely associated with the bohemian style, and they go really well with some skinny jeans and a loose-fitting vest. There are also t-shirt tunics, which are amazing for a chic casual look that will definitely turn some heads in your direction. Tie your outfit together with some platform sandals to really make a statement. Flared jeans also go really well with these tops.

Earthy Jewelry

Big pieces of earthy jewelry will compliment any bohemian style outfit you put together, and there are tons of pieces to choose from. A pair of big earrings and a bulky necklace can really enhance your outfit in a very noticeable way. Wood bangles are also very popular right now with this style, and they can go well with almost any combination of clothes.

Bohemian outfits are all over the place right now, and it is crucial that you learn how to put some fabulous outfits together. These tips can go a long way towards transforming your look for the better.

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