Forum Thread: The Relevance of Veils in Wedding Gowns

Wedding preparations can be the most exciting and stressful part of getting married. You maybe in the middle of it too right now. You may have your dress design all planned out with matching shoes and hair and makeup style, and now you must be wondering whether to pair your bridal look with a veil or not. A lot of brides have decided not to wear a veil and skipped the traditional look. However, if you are a traditional or vintage bride at heart then to help you decide to go for the veil or not, here are three reasons why the veil is relevant to your look or wedding gown.

It is based on an ancient superstition

If you are wondering how wearing veils started or came to be then here is a trivia for you. Back then when your ancestors' religion was solely based on nature, wearing wedding veils were practiced in ancient civilizations based on a superstition that veils protect brides from evil spirits on her wedding day. Then there is another superstition that the groom must not see or even glace at the bride until she walks down the aisle. However, nowadays not a lot of women and men believe in superstitions and veils are only worn during traditional church weddings. So that is how wearing veils were originated.

It compliments your gown

Some bridal gowns simply cannot stand on its own, and whenever you look at it there is just something missing, sometimes you just need the right veil to pair it with. Bridal gowns with trains that stop at the floor or ones that are half or a yard longer are ones that are greatly complimented by the right veil. You can browse different kinds of long veils like the cathedral veil or the chapel veil.

If you are one of the modern brides and would like to experiment with their gown designs, there are also modern veils out there that are unconventional and can also complement modern gown designs. The flirty birdcage veil looks classy on a wedding dress that stops at the ankles or the floor. This veil covers half of the face from the nose to the jaw and is made from netting or lace. Another modern veil is the blusher, this veil covers the face and stops where the dress starts. The blusher easily puts on a modern twist to a traditional designed bridal gown.

It will not mess up your hair

Wedding veils are truly one of the most must have bridal accessory as it adds that little extra drama, modern, or vintage feel to your bridal look. One reason why most brides do not go for the veil is they are scared to mess up their precious bridal hairdo. However, with a trained and well experienced hairdresser, some hairdos and veils come together and compliment each other. If you want your hair down and or up, there is definitely a veil that will match your style.

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