Forum Thread: Should You Consider Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress?

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. A lot of effort, money and time is spent in finding the bridal dress that she'll wear on that special day. There are many options to choose from. A wide array of colors, styles, and fabrics are available in bridal wear shops. It's always on top of every bride's mind that she should be the main attraction of her wedding ceremony. If you are the type that wants to really stand out, then you should look for a vintage wedding dress. Here are some useful tips to help you in your vintage bridal gown shopping:

Conventional wedding gowns are a dime a dozen. Deciding to wear a vintage bridal dress is a foolproof way to look ravishing in a one of a kind bridal gown. What are the benefits of wearing a vintage bridal dress?

Lesser Price (sometimes!)
The unique factor.
Better quality of construction especially gowns from the 1950's and earlier.
Numerous designs to choose from.

If you are convinced that a vintage wedding dress is for you, then you can start looking for the perfect one in vintage shops. It's highly recommended that you try on the bridal gowns to know which era and shape will suit you best. This is not a one style fits all territory. You can also search for it online. You'll be surprised to learn that there are a lot of vintage wedding gowns suppliers that are found on the internet. Since you are working with vintage pieces, you can expect that there would be some flaws. Not all of these flaws are deal breakers.

These are some of the flaws that can't be remedied:

Multiple breaks or tears in a lace wedding dress.
Faded rayon-crepe fabric materials.
Stained satin bridal dresses.
Rotting or shattering fabric
Stains on rayon-crepe dresses.
Underarm stains
Tears on more fragile fabrics like chiffon which are not on the seam.

Flaws that can be fixed are:

Broken zippers, missing hooks or eyes, missing snaps, and etc.

Many various stains. An expert vintage seller would be able to inform you whether the stain can be possibly removed and how to remove it.

Open or torn seams.
Soakable fabrics such as silk or cotton with yellowish discolorations.

As previously stated, vintage bridal dresses with flaws may require a little work such as alterations and restorations. Be aware that the price of alterations would depend on the fabric and the kind of alteration required. If you still want that vintage wedding dress, then you need to find a good tailor. Most tailors who specialize in wedding gowns are mostly well acquainted with special fabric materials or lace. The search for the perfect wedding gown can be very challenging. You need to be creative and resourceful in this endeavor. Should you choose to commit to vintage bridal dress shopping then prepare yourself and your patience. It takes determination but once you find the perfect one, it would be all worth it.

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