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Fashion Magazine Covers

So i'm a 14 year old photography and art student and one of our topics was to create a final piece that reflected the covers of popular magazines. We had to link our magazine cover with our chosen topic and mine was fashion and the environment.


Before designing our cover we had to research popular magazines that linked to our specific subject. I looked into popular high end fashion magazines such as 'VOGUE' and 'Runway' hence the name of my magazine. We had to look into the way all of these magazines had been set and how they conveyed information whilst reassuring that they kept a very profesionnal look. We then experimented with different typefaces that looked similar to the magazines we researched


The next step in this project was to carry out a photoshoot to assure that we get suitable images for the task that had been set.

The above image was the photograph used for my final design.

Cover Designs: Photoshop

My first design.

During this step we experimented with different photoshop tools to make a professionnal magazine look. We had to create at least 2 different variations of our magazine cover whether that was to use different photographs or use different layouts. All of us were completely new to photoshop so this was a very interesting process.


Final Image

After selecting our final design, we had to evaluate our final piece. My personal response included stating that my magic lasso tool needed to be used more carefully as transparent sections were visible between the model and the background.

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